Introducing… Yellow SUP

Tell us a bit more about your SUP school…

Our SUP School was founded in 2013. Addicted to all kinds of watersports, e.g. surfing, canoeing, kayaking – with a couple of friends we already offered 5-day canoeing-camps for schools as well as one-day activities. Lars has become one of the first certified ISA-SUP-Instructors in Germany and started to run our SUP School Yellow SUP. The idea of the name “Yellow SUP” came as we had some first-aid-reanimations-training while we had our life-guard certification. The trainer told us that we have to push the heart on the beat of Beatles “we all live on a yellow submarine” song to reanimate, so we thought if it could set hearts aflutter we should use this name… All we do we do with passion and love to bring that passion to others with fun, knowledge, quality and safety.

What is the weather like over there at the moment? (December 2018)

Winter is coming and it`s freezing cold now. We had the first snow fall today (and our city is only 200m above sea-level….).

What’s your favourite non-SUP related activity in Gemany?

As we have winter now it`s definitely snowboarding in this time of the year. In January we will run a ski and snowboard-camp for a Swiss school for 3 weeks with around 100 pupils each week… Furthermore we love to do Yoga and go bouldering.

What do you love most about SUP’ing?

SUP is easy to learn but gets never boring as it offers such an endless pool of possibilities. I love to ride some waves or drop some waterfalls if I need some adrenalin, as well as, the calming glide on smooth rivers with my dog “Kenny” in natural or urban sides. Tour Paddling through Basel city while the sun is going down is one of my all time favourites. And there are a lot more things to do like a soft SUP Yoga “challenge” or some fun SUP-Frisbee action. I just love the water and nature and SUP is the perfect link. It makes me happy! Have you ever seen a SUPer in a bad mood ?

Do you have many problems regarding ocean plastics where you paddle?

As everywhere there are problems regarding plastics. As we paddle mainly lakes and rivers, you will find some plastics in the water or on the riverside. Not too much, but that doesn`t mean it`s good, it has to become better ! And every single pick helps because every single plastic in nature is far too much!

We know that you love the ocean and are super passionate about taking care of it, what types of activities do you get up to in order to keep your oceans clean and protected?

We are part of a local cleanup team which run community clean ups every 2-3 months along the local river “Wiese”. In our camps we only use local stuff and sustainable materials to minimize plastic use and do some waste separation. 

Do you run any beach/sup clean ups?

We pick trash out of the rivers on every single tour and have clean ups at our camps. We try to awake awareness to a clean relationship to nature, but most of our participants already have a fantastic attitude, thanks for that !

How good are Germany when it comes to recycling?

Germany already has a good waste separation and recycling system. E.g. you have to pay a deposit on plastic bottles and cans to make sure it won`t be thrown away somewhere but comes back to the recycling circle and can be used again. I think Germany is “ok” but still it can get better.

What is the weather like for you in winter? 

It`s cold at the moment, but the weather has changed a lot in the last years. 10 years ago winter started somewhere between October/November and ended up in April. But now winter starts somewhere between December/January and ends up already at the end of February… Climate change is coming faster and faster and we are a bit afraid of what`s coming. As a SUP School, we depend on water, but because of winter is becoming shorter and with less snow, there comes less water in summer. 

What are the typical marine animals that you come across in Germany?

You can find different fish, beavers, nutrias, hydras and birds across the rivers in our region. And if you go up to the shores in the north of Germany you`ll find seals, wales and a lot of other marine wildlife.

Tell us your top 3 tips for anyone looking to start SUP?

Contact us, let`s find a date and we`ll show you the basics to have fun on the water. 

Where has been your favourite place to SUP?

My favourite place is the river “Loue” in France.

Any recommendations of where to go paddling if we were to come to visit you?

You shouldn`t miss paddling through Basel for a sundowner. Getting a totally new perspective to the cities special on river and riverside vibes in summer. You will love it!

Do you offer any other watersports activities besides SUP?

Oh yes, we have a cooperation with a youth-hostel and offer some canoeing day activities for school-classes staying there. Furthermore, we cooperate with “LaVa bewegt” and still run 5-day school camps in which we travel along a river and stay in different places on the riverside every night. 

What time of the year would you say is the best for suping in Germany?

I would say May to October. But with the right equipment like drysuit and some thick neopren, you can go SUP’ing the whole year, but that`s more for a few hard-boiled 😉

What is a traditional food from Germany that you would recommend us trying?

I would recommend “Kässpätzle” (special noodles with cheese – roasted) for the vegetarians, or “Wurstsalat” (salad made of strips of sausage, onions, gherkins and oil and vinegar dressing) for those who love meat). And in winter you should eat cheese fondue, it`s more Swiss but we are almost in Switzerland here ;)… And don`t worry, we have a big vegan community for all who are vegan, even “Wurstsalat” can get vegan with the right food.

Do you run any Yoga or SUP Yoga sessions?

We have regular SUP Yoga sessions with our fantastic Yogini Jasmin and run also “Surfyoga”, an indoor alternative on a special shaped Board, rounded on the bottom side so you have to balance more like on the mat.

Tell us more about your SUP & Yoga Retreats…

Great Stuff! Twice a year in Spring and Autumn we offer a week of Yoga and SUP-Surfing (for beginners and advanced) in a hot location. We rent an amazing Villa on the beachside and one of the best cooks (our opinion) who works his magic on fresh meals every day. The rest is fun, active relaxation and a really good time with great people.

Tell us more about your SUP with dogs sessions…

This has become our new attraction in 2018. Tine, Physiotherapist for dogs, had the idea that this would be a great deal for dogs and holders and everyone is going crazy about it. In every session/tour there are 10 – 20 teams of humans and dogs paddling with us along the rivers. Sometimes the pet owner comes with 2 or 3 dogs the same time on one board 😉 Different newspapers and television broadcasters have already reported about it. It`s so much fun for everyone, the dogs love it and the owners as well. You`ll find the 2-minute example here if you are interested (sorry it`s in german):

Your River Cruises look amazing… tell us more…

Oh yes they are! We have a lot of rivers around which you can go SUP’ing, but we mainly use the river “Rhein”, partly untouched nature, partly urban, partly soft, partly wild. And never boring! Our Highlight is the “sundowner-river cruise” through Basel when golden light touches the urban riverside and you are passing hundreds of people doing BBQ’s, dancing, singing or just sitting there whilst you`re paddling along together with a lot of swimmer`s, crossing the old ferry boats which are used by the people to cross the river, sometimes riding waves made by big ships passing… and a very trendy location at the landing where you can drink and eat and enjoy the summer nights after the supping.