Introducing… SupPort Hamburg

Tell us a bit more about your SUP school…

I just started my SUP school a year ago. In Hamburg, SUP is very popular and we have a lot of SUP schools already. So, I decided to do it in a different way. I thought it would be nice, if you don’t have to SUP the same way all the time, but rather SUP different tours. Therefore it would be nice to go onto the water on every side just where you like to SUP. 

The very special thing about my school is that I run it with a mobile base. I own a big van where all the boards are stored and so I can drive to the company or school I want to SUP with and park as near as possible. It is pretty comfortable for everybody. I do lunch sessions for companies, I also teach SUP in schools as a school subject and I have regular SUP training for kids and teens as a regular sports program. And now I try to bring the SUPKids Program into schools as well – for activity or action days. Schools are a great opportunity to accomplish a lot of kids at once. 

What does a typical day for you guys look like…

All days are different as I operate with a mobile base. I always start from somewhere different. The advantage is that for example, a lunch session for a company can start very close to the company’s address, so they don‘t lose a lot of time with getting to my school but rather have more time to SUP. The same with schools. 

On Wednesday, I have regular kids training, which is always a lot of fun. I am meeting the kids at a landing stage. Everybody takes a board, paddle and lifejacket and then we take off. Sometimes we just paddle, sometimes we do some races, sometimes we play games on the board or do other fun stuff. And sometimes we paddle to a cafe where we can get some ice cream. 

What is the weather like over there at the moment?

It is winter right now (February). After the really great summer last year, it is raining a lot this winter and it is something around 6 or 7 degrees. We don‘t have a very strong winter in Hamburg.

What’s your favourite non-SUP related activity in Hamburg?

It isn‘t really related to SUP, but I run. Every single morning. I love to get up early and have an hour just for myself in the nature before I start the morning routine getting my three kids ready for school. 

What do you love most about SUP’ing?

When I am on the board I forget everything else. It’s just me and nature. All the stress falls apart. 

Do you have many problems regarding ocean plastics where you paddle?

We don‘t have the ocean here, but a really huge lake called the ‘Alster’, which is right in the middle of the city. And of course the river ‘Elb’ as well. And yes, we do have many problems with plastic or any other pollution in the Alster as well as in the Elb. 

We know that you love the ocean are super passionate about taking care of it, what types of activities do you get up to in order to keep your oceans clean and protected?

Every time when I am on the board, I pick up trash when it comes around.

Do you run or participate in any clean-ups?

Yes, twice a year we have a big city clean up, which is organised from the city government itself. Lots of groups, schools,  companys, private people participate. And it is unbelievable how much trash is collected. 

How good is Germany with recycling?

I think germany is ok. We have a deposit system for all kind of bottles and cans. You get money back when you bring them back to the shops. So you don’t throw them away. We also have a waste separation system. 

What are the typical marine animals that you come across in Hamburg?

We have a lot of swans! Hamburg is famous for them. In the winter time they have their own winter accommodation and in the summer time they are swimming all around. 

Name the top 5 things you pack for every SUP?

I have a waterproof bag that I always carry with me. There are a couple of ropes, a stopwatch, some money for ice cream ( I am addicted to ice cream), my cell phone and some dextrose and bubble gums inside. I also have a bottle of water with me. 

Where has been your favourite place to SUP?

I don‘t know. I haven‘t been to so many places. I think every place has something special and exciting.

DREAM destination?

I would love to SUP somewhere with blue whales. They are such amazing animals.

Any recommendations of where to go paddling if we were to come to Hamburg?

The Alster has lots of channels. You can SUP on it and see all the great, old villas with their private gardens. It is really beautiful.

Tell us your top 3 tips for anyone looking to start SUP?

Come to Hamburg, it is the best place to SUP. Get in touch with me, I will show you different kind of places because my school is operating mobile and we can go everywhere you like. So it never will be boring to see the same area. 

Do you run any sup yoga sessions or any other type of fitness sessions?

I don‘t do any yoga sessions. But I do a regular lunch SUP session for companies and a weekly SUP training for kids and teenagers. 

Do you offer any other watersports activities besides SUP?

I’m afraid not.

What is traditional food from Germany that you would recommend trying?

Oh yes, when you are in Hamburg, you have to eat a FRANZBRÖTCHEN. This is a sweet cinnamon-flavoured Northern Germany pastry. Delicious!!!