Introducing… SUP Session Bahrain

Tell us about your SUP school…

Sup Session Bahrain is a stand up paddling sports club in Bahrain. It started from my personal SUP sessions, as I enjoyed SUP and I started to go out with my friends to SUP. Then their friends also got interested to join us and learn, and so it began with just friends, and I was passionate about teaching SUP and I am super enjoying it. 

What does a typical SUPKids day look like for you guys? 

A typical SUP day for us here, it is sunny with flat sea water, with a temperature of 25 to 30 Celsius. It’s great times to catch up with friends after a long week, and a good sea to paddle board and dip !!  

What is the weather like over there at the moment?

Currently, we’re in December, and in Bahrain, the weather is getting colder everyday, expected to get low to 12c at night, and a maximum high of 25c degrees during the day, we also have a bit of wind a few days during the week reaching about 15-20 knots.

What’s your favourite non-SUP related activity in Bahrain?

My favourite non-sup activity in Bahrain is kite surfing as it’s the first ocean activity that I learned or started before I did stand up paddling. When it’s windy, lets say anywhere above 12 knots, then I would go out kite surfing. Other than that I enjoy cycling both on road and mountain, I also do running and swimming, and once a year with a group of friends, we travel for a kite/surf camp.

What do you enjoy most about the ocean?

I enjoy the feeling that the ocean sends, the relaxation feeling that I get from being out on the water. I enjoy being out on the water with my friends to paddle in a group as well, and being on an island, I feel connected to the sea. Sup is a great way to spend time on the water. 

What do you love most about SUP’ing?

I fell in love with SUP from the first time I got on a board. It was very fun to set up, go down to the beach and ride. In Bahrain, we don’t have surfing waves, and SUP was like the second alternative to have the chance to go out on the water and have that surf feeling being able to SUP while learning to balance, stroke and get back up on the board was all fun. 

Do you have many problems regarding ocean plastics where you paddle?

There is a big problem with plastic here in Bahrain, and we feel that we are responsible for our ocean to protect it and to take care of it.

We know that you love the ocean are super passionate about taking care of it, what types of activities do you get up to in order to keep your oceans clean and protected?

This time of the year we are focusing more on doing beach clean ups and raising awareness. That’s the least we can give to the environment.

How good are Bahrain when it comes to recycling?

Recycling is not so popular, and unfortunately, we don’t get to see enough recycling happening in Bahrain, although a significant number of initiatives taking place regarding recycling.

What is the weather like for you in winter? 

10c degrees is the coldest temperature that it can get in Bahrain. 

What are the typical marine animals that you come across in Bahrain?

Coming across sea animals are the best moments whilst SUP, and a good thing that all of our sea species are friendly. We see many types of fish, turtles, stingy’s, wales, jellyfish, and dolphins. 

Tell us your top 3 tips for anyone looking to start SUP?

The best 3 tips for anyone going to SUP in Bahrain… there is not much to worry about our water in terms of danger, so just like going for a SUP anywhere else, check the forecast and avoid going out in windy conditions above 12knots, pay attention for fish traps in low tides in some areas and finally ensure to have enough water to not dehydrate, and enjoy!! 

Where has been your favourite place to SUP?

My favourite place to SUP is along the northern part of the island in Bahrain as the area has long distances of flat water, which lets me enjoy both the open sea and the view of the city on the other side, with skyscrapers. 

Any recommendations of where to go paddling if we were to come to Bahrain?

If you were coming to Bahrain, I would advise you to try paddling in Amwaj Islands where our sup sessions are based. It is located in the northern part of Bahrain, and it’s close to Diyar Islands and a few other new islands that offer great places to stop by along the way while SUP’ing! 

Do you offer any other watersports activities besides SUP?

I don’t offer any other water sport’s actives other than SUP!

What time of the year would you say is the best for suping in Bahrain?

The best time of the year to SUP in Bahrain is all year round, except from June – Sep, as this is the windy season known as ‘Shamal’ in Arabic terms, meaning northerly wind. The summer starts to kick in again, getting really hot reaching 40c + in the day, during July and Aug.

What is a traditional food from Bahrain that you would recommend trying?

The best Bahraini food I would recommend you trying is the Bahraini Breakfast !! However, other than that, there are so many places with nice food from all around the world that must be tried, from the local ones in the capital Manama in the heart of the city.

Tell us more about your Cup’n SUP sessions… 

A Cup’n SUP session is when I go out with the sunrise, taking my coffee on the board and I paddle off the coast starting the day doing what I like the most.