Introducing… Mangata Adventure, Belgium

Tell us a bit more about your SUP school…

Mangata Adventure has only existed since the beginning of April. We’re new enthusiasts, but that doesn’t mean that we have no experience of course. We are different from a traditional SUP School because we don’t work from 1 place. We organise micro adventures through SUP and like to be creative when it comes to activities. SUP’n breakfast, Picnic on the water …

What does a typical day for you guys look like…

The beauty is that there is no typical day. We try to make every day as unique as possible. An adventure is only an adventure when not everything is fixed.

What is the weather like over there at the moment?

It’s almost 30°, a heavenly time for being on the water.

Do you have many problems regarding ocean plastics where you paddle?

There is a very good environmental management at the lakes where we paddle. We don’t have many problems. There is a different story on the rivers as a lot of waste lingers behind tree trunks and branches.

We know that you love the ocean are are super passionate about taking care of it, what types of activities do you get up to in order to keep your oceans clean and protected?

We organise clean-ups and expeditions to raise awareness. Also, every activity is as green as possible. We don’t use single-use and we talk to the people about the problem and the solutions.

How good are Belgium when it comes to recycling?

We are good at recycling. We have different kinds of bags for different kinds of garbage. But afterwards little is done with it. In Belgium, we also use too much single-use.

What are your top 5 tips for anyone looking to rise above plastics?

Always bring your own bottle, say no to straws, use cotton bags for fruit and vegetables, buy local and without the packaging and buy more stuff in glass.

Do you give back to your local community? If so, what do you do?

Yes we do. There is an association that seeks activities for children and young people who have a hard time financially.

What is the weather like for you in winter? Are you able to get in the water?

Most people don’t go into the water during winter. It’s freezing in winter, like minus 2. But I am a bit crazy so I paddle all year.

What are the typical marine animals that you come across in Belgium?

You can find beavers on the rivers, catfish, carp, tree-spined stickleback and eels.

What do you love most about SUP’ing?

Being close to the water and seeing land from a whole different perspective.

Name the top 5 things you pack for every SUP?

A drybag, oranges for after, my fixing gear, a bag for the waste I get out of the water and my smartphone for gps/photos.

Any recommendations of where to go paddling if we were to come to Belgium?

If you are a river paddler, try the Semois or the Ambleve. For lakes, go to Butgenbach lake or Schulensmeer.

What other activities do you get up to apart from SUP?

Running, mountain biking, diving, kitesurfing, wave surfing, kayaking. I have too many hobbies!

Do you offer any other watersports activities besides SUP?

We also kayak from time to time for micro-adventures.

What time of the year would you say is the best for SUP’ing in Belgium?

From April till September.

What is a traditional food from Belgium that you would recommend trying?

Fries with beef stew or for the veggies, the Brussels Waffle with Chocolate and fruit. I’m getting hungry already 🙂