Introducing… BtrueByou, Canada

Tell us a bit more about B True B You…

A big dream became reality in 2014 when my family and I immigrated to Canada. Pretty soon after taking my Yoga Teacher Training and SUP Instructor Certifications my truth was calling. BTrueByou was born – Yoga – Retreats – Stand Up Paddling.
With my love for teaching kids yoga I knew I wanted to do more for kids and so I decided to jump on board with SUPKids. Stand Up Paddling offers the beauty of a sport on water in nature that can be physically challenging, but at the same time offers the calmness and relaxing aspect that fits the yoga philosophy.
This is my first year running SUPKids Camps. I have offered 3 of the 2 Day Camps so far in August and it’s been an absolute blast working with these different kids. Working with kids is the most challenging but also most rewarding work that I can imagine doing! My goal is to take the SUPKids offerings to a next level next season and to be offering it through schools earlier in Spring/Summer.
What’s the water temperature over there right now? (August 15th 2018)
Right now we are probably at the warmest water temperature for Shuswap Lake. I would guess about 23C. At a certain part we have the cold Eagle River come in but with the warm temperatures we have had the lake has reached a beautiful temperature to enjoy any water sports right now.
What do you enjoy most about the ocean?
I have always been a water baby, growing up beside the ocean in Kenya, it was only natural to become a competitive swimmer. Now however, I enjoy the calmness the Shuswap lake provides and the unpreditctable changes it has to offer plus the beauty of its wildlife, with soaring Eagles, wandering fish and bigger wildlife that come to feed from its life.
Do you have many problems regarding ocean plastics where you paddle?
At first sight and compared to other places on this planet we live in paradise and there is not a large issue of garbage and plastics. However, I consider every little bit is part of the big problem we face on our planet. After a few beach clean-ups during my last camps, I have to say I was shocked. Yes, we get busy with tourists and boats on this lake but it is us locals that have to make a change – be an example. So yes, ocean plastics is being addressed here at BtrueByou.
What is the weather like for you in winter? 
Winter can get pretty cold and lots of snow. The last two years were pretty extreme – with frozen lakes and snow until March which made paddling impossible. I hope to extend the Paddling Season more into Shoulder Season in this area whenever the weather allows for it.
What do you love most about SUP’ing?
I love that SUP asks for challenges, but offers the best ever meditation place. The mix of Core Work, Balance, Yoga and Meditation all out on the lake on a board – couldn’t ask for anything better!!
Tell us your top 3 tips for anyone looking to start SUP?
1. Take a lesson to learn about the depth of this sport and to learn what board is suitable for you
2. Always wear a leash and PFD
2. Even if you rent a board and you don’t get a ton of info please be aware of the waterway you use. Ask for info if you don’t get told.
What are your top 5 tips for anyone looking to rise above plastics?
1. Stop using plastic bags – bring your own grocery bags
2. Use a re-useable water better
3. Stop using plastic plates and cutlery at parties or camping. Just make a bin with plates and cutlery from a thrift store
4. Watch for packaging in foods you buy
5. Bring your own travel mug for coffee
Where has been your favourite place to SUP?
Shuswap Lake – my home – during spring-time when I am the only one out at 6am for Sunrise! And Eagle River.
Do you run any beach/sup clean-ups?
Yes, I do. I did my first on Earth Day this Spring and planning to do another one in Fall when our water is low.
DREAM destination?
Somewhere on the ocean – I would love to learn to SUP Surf.
Any recommendations of where to go paddling if we were to come to Canada?
Of Course Shuswap Lake! And going down Eagle River is pure bliss.
How long have you been a SUP Yoga Instructor?
2 years.
Do you run many SUP Yoga sessions?
Yes, every workshop I always include SUP Yoga to end the class and I have a SUP Yoga class every Thursday evening.
Is SUP yoga your preferred type of yoga?
For me yoga is the connection of our body, mind and soul and when practicing in nature it all comes together. That’s why SUP Yoga is an amazing combination. So, during summer yes SUP Yoga is my favourite way of practicing.
Tell us more about your full moon gatherings…
The Full Moon Gatherings is something new I offer and also something I want to build up more. Goal is to gather in a circle of women, to share, to meditate, laugh and cry and to grow together! If it all fits I am planning to offer a Full Moon Gathering on the Paddle Boards at the end of this Season.