Kids doing rad stuff: Heirs to our oceans

What’s your name? Chloe McKenna How old are you? I am 16 years old. Where are you from? I was born in Orange County, California and have lived here ever since. What are your favourite subjects at school? My favourite subjects are science, English, and literature. If you could change anything about school what would it be? I would love … Read More

Kids Doing Rad Stuff: Kids Against Plastic

What are your names? Amy and Ella Meek. How old are you? 14 and 12. Where are you from? Nottingham, England. Tell us a little bit about The Meek Family adventures… Our parents have wanted us from a young age to be adventurous and enjoy the outdoors. When we were younger, we set ourselves a ‘Year of Adventures challenge’ going … Read More

Kids Doing Rad Stuff: Kanoa and Kalani

  How old are you? Kanoa: I’m 10 years old Kalani: I’m 7 years old. Where are you from?  Kanoa & Kalani: We are from a city call Gangneung, in South Korea. Tell us a little bit about your family … Kanoa & Kalani: Our dad grew up in Vancouver, Canada and came to South Korea in 2001.  He loves to surf, … Read More

Kids doing rad stuff: Lilly’s Plastic Pickup

How old are you? I am nine and a half years old. Where are you from? I was born in North London, but for the last three years, I have lived in the middle area of the Netherlands, at Huis ter Heide. Tell us a little bit about your family…  My family on my father’s side are all Dutch. I … Read More

Introducing… Breeze SUP Sports Club, Taiwan

Tell us a bit more about your SUP school… We have not actually started our SUPKids school yet, but we’re getting ready for it now ! For adult classes we currently we offer 4 levels: Pioneer – Explorer – Master – Instructor. What’s your favourite non-SUP related activity in Taiwan? Too many. Scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming, as well as holding … Read More

Introducing… SUPTOMO, Japan

Tell us a bit more about your SUP school… My SUP School just opened this year at Hyuga Miyazaki Japan. Hyuga is one of the best surf towns. We also have a beautiful river and small bay, which is a good place for paddling. Why did you choose to become a SUPKids Delivery Centre? Because I really love the SUPKIDS Workbook, … Read More

Introducing… Easigo Outdoor, Shanghai

Tell us a bit more about your SUP school… We are a business company named Easigo Outdoor. Our main business is to sell paddleboards to watersports clubs in mainland and supply sup instructors training for these clubs, and we also organize many SUP activities. We are based in Shanghai, which is where we set up the SUPKids school. Shanghai is … Read More

Introducing… Surf Mexico, Mexico

Tell us a bit more about your SUP school… Surf Mexico is a group of passionate professional ocean ambassadors who’s mission is to inspire and educate the water sports community by providing the highest caliber instruction and equipment. Our goal is to set the industry standard for instruction, certification, and water safety in Mexico while promoting the conservation of our ocean playground … Read More

Introducing… Sherden Surf House, Sardinia

Tell us a bit more about your SUP school… Our sup school is a natural extension to our well-established surf school activities. Three years ago, with my wife Silvia, we decided to give a cut to our previous city life made of meetings, to instead travel around the world and dedicate ourselves to our old passions. We loved the sea … Read More

Introducing… ikSUP, Netherlands

Tell us a bit more about your SUP school… ikSUP is a SUP-school in The Netherlands, located in Loosdrecht in the lake district, 20 minutes south of Amsterdam. It’s always good to surprise people with a tour through our nature reserve, showing the beauty and the rest of nature, so close to the crowded and busy life of Amsterdam. We … Read More